PG&GP is a company specializing in the production of solid waste management related products.
PG&GP is the leading manufacturer and exporter of galvanized waste containers in China with global business. It is located in Lingxia Town Industrial Zone, Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It relies on the advantages of local scale economies and complete industrial chain to optimize production costs and provide customers with the most competitive products. At the same time, we have advanced production equipment and superb production technology to achieve maximum production efficiency.
Main Product Introduction:
We provide galvanized garbage bins with main capacity including 1100L, 1700L, 2400L, 2500L, 3200L, etc. In addition, we also provide various plastic trash cans, stainless steel bins and underground garbage buckets.
Our Mission

Committed to the production and development of green products to
create an ideal environment and a better future.
Our Vision

We feel a responsibility to leave the planet to future generations
in better shape.
Core Value:
Customer first:  Always customer-oriented, creating value for customers.
Integrity:  Honest and trustworthy, seeking truth from facts, and keeping promises.
Innovation:  Learn to strengthen ourselves and innovate to create the future.
Team:  Cherish each other, share and keep high morale.
Grateful:  With gratitude, be kind.
We always focus on manufacturing and supplying high quality products and services to our customers, and we not only hope to simply meet customer needs, but also to exceed our customers' expectations.In the constant pursuit of development , PG&GP has implemented standardized management of employees, and built a strict Quality Management System to control the quality of the raw materials and ensure that our products are of good quality, based on UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.With advanced production techniques and highly-trained manufacturing staff, we are proud to be one of the China leading manufacturer of mobile galvanized containers, and our final aim is to be recognized around the world in waste industry.
What does galvanized containers of PG&GP achieve?
  With high strength and superior corrosion resistance, PG&GP galvanized containers can load kinds of Industrial hazardous solid waste in addition to household refuse.
 The toughness of the zinc coating is strong, the galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure, which can withstand mechanical damage during transport and use.
 PG&GP galvanized containers can withstand high(to 100℃) or low(to -60℃) temperature, they are durable in any type of heavy weather.
 The UV-Resistant function of PG&GP galvanized containers is much better than plastic bins.
  With strong load-bearing capacity, can reduce the frequency of garbage cleaning.
PG&GP will never stop to innovate and improve, and we believe there is no best, can only be better.
PG&GP is very concerned about environmental protection.In addition to strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, implementation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, environmental protection, pollution reduction, recycling and other sustainable development programs have been the direction of our actions.Our awareness and actions for environmental protection run through the entire process from production to usage and handling of products. We pursue our economic interests while adhering to the ecological principles of sustainable development as our environmental goals.

We implement an environmental management system, including assessment and reward programs which contains:
01.  We train all employees on environmental awareness, encourage employees to contribute their ideas on environmental issues, and work together to create a strong environmentally conscious company.
02.  Strictly abiding environmental laws and regulations is the foundation of our company's foothold, and pay attention to relevant trends in real time, keep pace with the times.
03.  Continuously improve the process to meet the requirements of high environmental standards, use advanced equipment and processes to reduce the environmental impact of waste generated and emissions of soil, air and water.
04.  Through analysis and summary, we continuously verify the rationality of environmental policies and optimize our environmental management system.
05.  In the development of new products, in addition to ensuring the safety and high quality requirements of the products, we also need to meet environmental requirements.

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