Our diversified products can meet different needs of customers, whether it is community, municipal or other places, there are applicable products.

 If you are a distributor engaged in trash-bin-related products, we can provide you with different sizes and styles of trash bins. If you use it in home, we can provide a small indoor bucket; if it is used for a hospital, we have a special medical bucket; if you want to use it in a hotel or a mall, we have a variety of styles of stainless steel trash cans for you to choose from; and if it is used in communities or parks, we can also provide you with outdoor iron buckets of different designs to help broaden your market and meet the needs of different customers.

 If you are a local waste management or city cleaning company, we have outdoor galvanized containers (770L-3200L) or large plastic garbage bins (660L-1100L) for the transportation of garbage such as life and industry garbage; if you want to save space and reduce the emission of odor, we recommend that you can use the buried bucket; if you have the need for promotion, we can also provide advertising trash bins to meet your different needs.
We can not only provide finished and semi-finished products to customers, but also provide subsequent processing guide for semi-finished products.

 Finished Products:  According to the local market demand, the suitable products will be recommended to ensure that the lifting device is matched with the local garbage truck. The thickness, weight and size of the products can also be adjusted according to requirements.

 Semi-finished Products:  According to customers’ specific needs, we will develop the most cost-effective solution, provide different levels of semi-finished products to customers; and we will also provide subsequent processing equipment (such as welding fixtures) for semi-finished products and processing training guidance, do our best to help customers build themselves Production line.
In addition to garbage cans, we can also help our customers find upstream and downstream products such as garbage bags, garbage trucks, incinerator, accessories, etc., in the Chinese market; and we also can provide corresponding solutions.

 According to customers’ needs, provide the corresponding accessories and supporting services.

 According to the customer's market demand, we provide industry-related products (such as garbage trucks and garbage bags), and formulate reasonable procurement plans to meet customers’ one-stop shopping needs and maximize customer benefits.

 When other products are needed, China's powerful supply chain market will be used to find the best suppliers for customers, so as to maximize the interests of customers.
If you have ever purchased our trash bin, you may have lost parts or partial damage after using it for a long time. You can contact our local agent to solve these problems. Of course, you can also become our agent and provide these services to other customers. 

 Find a local agent. They can provide you with the following services: component installation, providing accessory parts, repairing, refurbishment (repainting, replacement parts), etc., so that you have a more convenient after-sales experience and can save unnecessary expenses.

 Become our local agent. You need to sign a formal agency agreement with us, and we will give you all the advice based on our understanding and analysis of the local market, and fully help you to provide the above services to other customers.

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