Why should we implement the garbage classification system?

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Why should we implement the garbage classification system?

In daily life, "garbage" is everywhere, garbage containers in the apartment, garbage cans in streets, garbage dumps in the suburbs, etc. You will often find that there are usually a variety of garbage disposal. Therefore, why should we implement garbage classification?

1. Reduce environmental pollution

Modern waste contains chemicals, some of which can lead to increased morbidity. If waste is disposed by landfill or stacking, it is difficult to eliminate the infiltration of harmful substances even if it is buried away from living places. These harmful substances will enter the whole ecological circle along with the circulation of the earth, contaminate water source and land, and ultimately affect people's health through plants or animals.

2. Save land resources 

At present, landfill is the simplest and most convenient way to deal with waste, but it is extremely detrimental to the future development. A country's land resources are fixed, if the land resources into garbage disposal, then it is equivalent to a slow suicide, future land restoration costs will be very expensive.

3. Utilize renewable resources

The loss to the whole ecosystem is inestimable if we discard our unused resources as garbage.Before garbage disposal, garbage can be turned into treasure through garbage classification and recycling. For example, recycling paper can protect forests and reduce the waste of forest resources. Recycling biological waste, such as peels and vegetables, can be used as green fertilizer to make the land more fertile.

Currently China is actively implementing the garbage classification system, and we are honored to be interviewed by the reporter from our city.

garbage classification

We talked about what we can do to support our city to Implement garbage sorting, and the advantages of galvanized bins as follows:

① Large capacity, reduce the number of garbage collection

② Service life 5-10 years , strong corrosion resistance because of zinc layer

③ UV-Resistant function of galvanized containers is much better than plastic bins

④Galvanized containers can withstand high(to 100℃) or low(to -60℃) temperature

garbage containers

Using large capacity trash bin can extend the garbage full time, so as to reduce the time of garbage collection.

No longer using manual dumping of waste, mechanized operation making the garbage collection easier.

garbage containersgarbage containers


Besides, we have launched several new products - sorting bins, suitable for residential areas, parks, shopping malls etc.

garbage containersgarbage containers

 garbage containersgarbage containers

Garbage classification can help people learn to save and use resources, develop good living habits and improve their ultimate quality. A person can develop a good habit of garbage sorting, then he will pay attention to environmental protection, pay attention to the preciousness of resources in life, develop the habit of saving resources.

I hope everyone can start from their own, to make contributions to environmental protection, let our environment become better.

If you want to know more about different types of garbage, please click here for more information.

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