Advantages and different types of sanitation trash cans

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Advantages and different types of sanitation trash cans

With the progress of society as well as the development of science and technology, all industries are distressed about how to reduce the work burden and increase the work efficiency at the same time. The sanitation department of the municipal government is also constantly pursuing efficient and convenient urban cleaning methods. So far, the domestic city of sanitation workers still use the old trash can and collector car, Their material selection and production methods make these trash cans easily to fade, and not resistant to acid or alkali. These adverse factors will increase working intensity of sanitation workers. At the same time, because of the shortage of the service life of Hot Dip Galvanized Waste Container, and the sealing is not good, it is more likely to cause secondary pollution. If the garbage can continues to emit odor will also increase the burden of sanitation workers, do harm to their health. Therefore, a reasonable selection and placement of environmental sanitation bins will be an effective approach in the field of health and environmental protection. 

The advantages of sanitation trash can

1. The environmental sanitation trash can is molded by injection molding, and its materials have good acid, alkali and corrosion resistance;

2, The sanitation trash can is an integrated plastic structure, more durable than wood materials, so that it can withstand more powerful external impact, hardily to be destroyed;

3. The opening of the sanitation trash can is often thickened and reinforced, which can well cooperate with mechanical lifting devices or sanitation vehicles for more convenient and diversified useage;

4. The bottom of the bin is often reinforced by the sanitation trash can, making it not easy to collapse and deform, and the abrasion resistance is also enhanced to extend the service life of the product;

5. The lid of the sanitation trash bin can be closed, which can effectively prevent the peculiar smell of the garbage in the bin from emitting or the invasion of rain water will cause the breeding of mosquitoes and flies and the corruption;

6. The unique shape and structure of the sanitation trash can enable the barrel bodies to overlap with each other, which is more convenient for transportation and can save storage and transportation space and transportation costs;

7. The inner and outer surface of the sanitation trash can is bright and clean, which is more convenient for emptying and cleaning;

8. The sanitation galvanized garbage container customized is ergonomically designed, portable, durable and flexible;

9. The color of sanitation trash can be customized and varied, which is suitable for different environments and garbage classification collection.

The classification of trash cans

Nowadays living garbage classification all over the world has different standards, but fundamentally two classification methods: one is the rule of thirds, divided into recyclable waste, hazardous waste and other waste, and the other is a four points method, divided into recyclable garbage, perishable rubbish, hazardous waste and other waste, which is on the basis of the rule of thirds to separate perishable rubbish again. The difference in classification methods between different regions is mainly due to the different subdivision methods of recyclable waste, such as separating glass, waste textiles, electronic waste and bulk waste separately.

In addition, the resources of scientific classification of garbage sorting recycling and reuse, hazardous waste classified collection must be combined with hazardous waste treatment, combine will perishable waste or kitchen garbage with biomass utilization, manage every recycling process in detail to prevent secondary pollution. Because of these, a high-quality garbage bin can play a very good role in garbage collection, garbage classification and garbage disposal, which greatly improves the efficiency of environmental protection work and makes great contributions to green life.

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