The knowledge of garbage collection and classification

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The knowledge of garbage collection and  classification

As we all know, the environment issue is getting worse with the rapid development of economic industry. There are many factors that affect the environment. For example,  people's  poor awareness of environmental protection, the emission of exhaust gas from a large number of chemical companies, the littering of garbage, the waste of water resources, etc., directly destroy the living environment of human beings. It is hard to imagine, this way, that what will our planet be like!

As above, the littering of garbage is one of the most serious problems. It is very necessary to carry out garbage sorting and recycling.

Garbage classification is a reform of the traditional way of garbage collection and disposal, and is a scientific management method for the effective disposal of garbage. Classified trash bin also plays an important role in garbage sorting. The classified trash can is made of high-quality engineering materials, durable, light and flexible, beautiful in appearance and environmentally friendly. Whether it is from the true use value or practical value, or his quality and price, the classified trash can is prominent.

Two types of garbage collection and  classification

Recyclable garbage bins mainly includes waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and cloth. Non-recyclable garbage mainly includes kitchen garbage and brick ceramics, muck, toilet waste paper, paper towels and other difficult-to-recycle wastes, shells and dust.

The benefits of garbage classification

Firstly, garbage sorting can remove substances that can be recycled and not easily degraded, reducing the amount of waste by more than 60%. Secondly, garbage sorting can also reduce the amount of waste disposal and processing equipment, processing costs, the consumption of land resources, and has social, economic and ecological benefits. What’ s more, other substances in the garbage can also be converted into resources, such as food, plants and fabrics can be composted, producing organic fertilizer.

Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment!We provide best outdoor garbage can, stainless garbage can and other types of classified trash can to protect the environment.

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