Preventing Trash Bag Leaks: 6 Tips You Won't Throw Away

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In summer, the trash is easier to spoil at high temperature and becomes smelly. If the garbage bag happens to break at this time, it will trouble us a lot to clean it up. So how can we get rid of this troublesome thing? The answer is to prevent the trash bag from leaking. In this passage, we will briefly introduce six tips that preventing trash bag leaks.

1.    Use Water Absorbent Material at The Bottom

During the spoil process of food trash, there will be some water which is dirty and smelly. If the dirty water leaks out from the trash bag, it will be disgusting and makes it difficult to take the trash bag out of the can because the liquid makes the bag stick to the bin. In order to stop this embarrassing situation from happening, we can use material that is easy to absorb water, such as newspaper and blotting paper in which newspaper is cheaper and easier to get. By putting a layer composed by newspaper on the bottom of the trash can, dirty water can be absorbed and the trash bag is easy to take out.

outdoor trash cans

2.    Use Outdoor Trash Cans

Sometimes, the trash bag is fine and it is taken out of trash can safely without breakage. However, when you take it and walk to the trash can in the community, the trash bag just broke and trashes spread in your clean home. That troubles a lot! We need to collect the garbage again and clean the place. So as to solve the problem, we can buy an outdoor trash can and put it outside the door. In our daily life, we can throw trash in the outdoor trash can and take the indoor trash can outdoor and take the trash bag out. Although it might bother us a little, it can prevent the problems a lot.

3.    Use Hooks Wisely

If the trash bags in the trash can is not fastened, some trash may leak out from the trash can with lid. But if we put a hook on the inside of the outdoor garbage cans with locking lids and wheels, close the trash bag and hang it on the hook, we can avoid this problem. When we want to throw litter, open the bag, throw trash in and hang it on the hook again. By using hooks wisely, we can reduce trash bag leaks.


4.    Use Suitable Clamps

However, some trash bags are not suitable for hooks. At the time, we can clamp the garbage bag with a clip that is suitable for the trash bag we use.


5.    Tape a Pipe to Trash Can

As is known to all, when we fill the trash can fully with trash, it will be difficult to take the bag out and the bags might break if the drag it out. The reason why the trash bag stick to the can is that full trash will create a vacuum. In order to solve the problem, we can tape a pipe to the trash can so that air can flow in and there won’t be a vacuum.

6.    Choose the Right Trash Can Liner

There are may kinds of galvanized bin with lid liner. But not everyone is suitable for your home. Research the trash can liner online and choose the suitable one.

Hopefully, the six tips will be helpful.

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