Kuwait Customer
A client from Kuwait found us on the Alibaba. He wanted the waste container with both reliable quality and affordable price. We immediately analyzed the cost of production and soon sent both the design draft and price quotation to the client. The client was satisfied with our efficiency and professional work.
Therefore, PG&GP became one of his suppliers in China. 
We strictly followed the production process and frequently reported to our client the procedure of order. One day, the client told us that one of his suppliers refused to give him B/L unless he finished the payment. To certain reason, our client couldn’t afford the payment at that moment. Considering our client in great hurry, we negotiated with that Chinese supplier for a long time and finally made the guarantee for our client and the supplier agreed to give B/L without finishing the payment. The whole event improved the trust between us and the client made another order of 40,000 plastic waste containers.
With our joint effort, all of goods got delivered on time and our client was satisfied with the quality. PG&GP always believes in client-orientation, to help clients as the best. In that way, PG&GP is a partner you can rely on.
Panamanian Customer
We have a customer called Alex. When we received his inquiry for the first time, we conducted a detailed analysis of his inquiry and made a background check on his company. They are engaged in safety and protective equipment, this was their first inquiry about the trash can. However, since the company can engage in safety and protective equipment, their customers are mainly government departments. And the projects of government departments basically need to bid, which is generally similar to the bidding process of our outdoor trash cans.  So, although Alex was not very familiar with our products or even the first contact with the product, we believed that as long as we can provide our customers with detailed technical parameters and competitive prices, they still had strength and possibility to get the government orders. Therefore, we conducted a detailed survey of the compressed car lift system for the Panama market and made a qualified trash can quotation according to the local garbage truck lifting system. At the same time, we provided detailed one-on-one professional knowledge training and corresponding solutions to the customer which ensured that the customer can maintain professionalism and guarantee the best price/performance ratio when preparing the bidding documents.
Hard work pays off, our customer stood out among many competitors and successfully got government orders. This was the first outdoor trash can government order for Alex, and it was also the first outdoor trash can for our company to export directly to Panama.
After getting the order, we were wary of the production and quality even if Alex was first in contact with the trash can, and did not know about the quality of our products, and he also did not know how to check the quality of the products. We still completed the order with quality and quantity in the first time.
After receiving the order, Alex was very satisfied with the product and also very happy for our quality service. Now we and ALEX are friends, we trust each other, and he constantly brings us new orders.
UAE Customer
MR.AHMED OWEINER, a general manager of AL SHOUMOUKH GENERAL TRADING which is a subsidiary of AL SHOUMOUKH GROUP. We contacted his company since 2009. In the beginning, it was his assistant MS AMY who sent an e-mail inquiry to us. There were one or two inquiries from them every year. Every time we studied and quoted very carefully. But lasted for three years, every year after the quotation was made, there was no feedback. However, they were asking about GALVANIZED WASTE CONTAINER every time, and the number is more than a few thousand. More importantly, each inquiry has very specific technical parameters and detailed data, we believe that each of their inquiries is very valuable. So in the beginning, we carefully studied and investigated the background of AL SHOUMOUKH GROUP which is mainly engaged in oil brick equipment. It is very strong in Abu Dhabi. The group owner DOCTOR ALI is a member of the Abu Dhabi Chiefs. Therefore, although there was no feedback after each quotation, and even if we intended to contact, they didn’t reply, we were very serious and responsive every time we received their inquiry, and every time after the quotation, we summarized seriously and learned from the lessons.
In the fourth year of the quotation, we received a very unexpected call from AHMED OWEINER. We were happy and excited and realized that the opportunity for cooperation was coming. He asked detail information about the various technical parameters of the 1100L trash can and delivery date, we had very professionally answered every question he raised and proposed a corresponding solution. AHMED OWEINER was very satisfied with our professional answers to the products, and we also helped him solve technical problems very efficiently. Later, we also turned to be very good friends.
Thanks to the previous preparation and precise market positioning, our quotation plan was in line with the needs of the local government. The plan became the best solution among all the suppliers of the year, and it successfully helped our customer get a government order of 3,210 1100L galvanized trash cans. Although we had not cooperated with AL SHOUMOUKH before, after three or four years of careful quotation and continuous contact, they had gradually eliminated the distrust of us, because the character of the Arabs is not easy to trust others at the beginning. we were very clear that we were an alternate supplier for our customers. The main reason why they did not choose us was that they had ready-made suppliers to cooperate with each other for many years, but we still insisted on not giving up. Our Chinese patience and persistence finally helped. We moved AL SHOUMOUKH and won the first big order in the UAE.
After receiving the order, we completed the order very carefully. But since we did not know the way of products installation and transportation the customers adopt after the products arrived, the result was that the customer lacked many accessories because of the unclear classification of our packaging. After careful confirmation and consultation, we realized that although the accessories were all complete when we shipped, since the classification was not clear and the products were sent to different places, it resulted that some places were in more accessories and some places were with fewer reductions, and eventually led to more lack accessories. We were very responsible for all the free replacement parts. When the accessories were imported, the customers themselves were also shocked, because we had shipped more than 10 tons of accessories! Thanks very much for our active cooperation and our product responsible attitude, later when we visited AL SHOUMOUKH, the company owner DOCTOR ALI personally met us and invited us to attend the annual dinner hosted by their company. The dinner was our first time to taste the authentic Arabic cuisine.

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