Why the Trash Bins Have a High Price Nowadays

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Why the Trash Bins Have a High Price Nowadays

According to the survery, because of the garbage classification, it has a comprehensive change in the trash can market. The trash cans’ price which only need less than 10 yuan, is upgraded now. The lowest price of a Japanese classified garbage bin on a shopping platform is 178 yuan. Although its price is so expensive, the monthly sales volume is more than  20,000.



Since 2019, the classification of domestic waste has been fully launched in prefecture-level cities and above. If the individuals don’t throw the domestic garbages in the time according to regulations, who may face a fine of 50 yuan to 200 yuan. The units also may face a fine of 5,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan.


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Sold Well On The Internet

A Japanese imported trash can, the shop’s slogan was "double-layer classification trash can with cover large wet and dry separation". The price of the trash can is around 178 to 208 yuan. Besides, the monthly sales amount was up to 20,000.


For the outdoor trash bins, even some shops in the internet said the trash bins in their shops were sold out completely.


Therefore, because of the shortage of supply, the price of the trash can becomes more expensive than before.


Large Size

Outdoor trash bins always needs to be used to classify different types of garbages. And they always are put on the places that have large flow of people. So the amount of garbages is larger than before. Therefore, we need a large size of trash bins with the trash bins’ cost increasing. With the more cost of producing the outdoor trash bins, the higher price we should pay for them when we buy them.

The reason of why we need larger size trash bins inside the house is because the garvenment stipulated that the city will gradually implement the regular fixed-point distribution system for domestic garbage.  People can’t throw garbages in most of the time. So we need larger trash bins to store the garbages.


The Related Products

The trash bins’ related products is the garbage grinder. Garbage grinder can help people deal with the garbages much easier than before. For example, if you have some fruit cores that need to throw, then you can use the garbage grinder to let it become smaller enough, which can be pushed into the sink. Though this, we don’t need to throw the kitchen garbage frequently which let us feel very convenient. Additionally, it also can avoid bacteria breeding that is also good to our health.


However, the garbage grinder is too much expensive that not everyone can accept the price. Most of consumers are more willing to buy more than one trash cans to deal with their garbages. So that, although the trash bins’ price become higher than before, people still willing to buy it.

outdoor trash cans


Additionally, the material of trash bins is also one of the factors. In comparison, plastic trash cans are cheaper than steel trash cans. And the trash cans with wheels will be more expensive than the normal trash cans. These structural elements of the trash cans cause the cost price of the trash cans to be different, thereby increasing the price of the good quality trash cans. Besidfes, with the advancement of technology, even smart trash cans have emerged. You can see that they are selling in a very high price on the online.


Above all, the higher price of trash bins is a certain result. Besides, although the trash bins’price becomes higher than before, it still can be accepted by people.

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