Why are there almost no trash cans in Japanese streets?

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Why are there almost no trash cans in Japanese streets?

Japan's natural environment and ecological resources are very attractive. In addition, many tourists are also very impressed with the local health environment in Japan. People who have been to Japan think this is an extremely clean country. The streets and alleys of Japan are very clean and tidy. In the streets of Japanese cities, simplehuman sensor trash can are rarely seen, but the streets are still so clean. What caused this?


1.National quality is relatively high

The Japanese are disciplined and love to be clean. Not only are the streets and shops clean, but even the Japanese toilets are kept very clean. Therefore, tourists who travel to Japan are also embarrassed to throw litter anywhere.

Then why are there few metal trash can with lid in Japanese and the streets of big and small are very clean? It turns out that Japanese people have been educated to go out and carry an environmentally friendly bag to carry garbage. So they don't throw garbage anywhere, and they put it in their own bags.

2.Geographical environment 

Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea. Such terrain can also lead to more rain, the next rain on the average day, so the ground is cleaned and the dust in the air is reduced.

3.Climatic conditions

In the summer, the tropical monsoon of the Pacific Ocean brings abundant rainfall. Under the windward slope, the big cities on the southeast coast get more rain and moisture, and the Japanese warm current makes the coast of Japan more humid. Frequent precipitation and summer typhoons from the Pacific can wash all corners of the southeast coastal cities from time to time, scour the dust and dirt on the streets, and purify the road and air.

In the winter, the northwest monsoon from the mainland is blocked by the mountains when it blows into Japan. These cold air masses from the Gobi and the desert often carry a lot of dust and pollutants. China's North China Plain and the Korean Peninsula are frequently polluted by pollutants due to lack of geographical barriers. The blockage of the mountains allows the densely populated areas of Japan to breathe fresher air and the city is cleaner.

4.Government policy

There are large recycling bin at the door of all supermarket convenience store in Japan. It is stipulated that no personal garbage should be thrown. It must be consumed by them. Garbage can help you. Other rubbish can't be thrown at them. The garbage in Japan is classified and processed. It is not easy to set up the garbage bin, and it will also waste redundant manpower and financial resources. 

In fact, littering in Japan is still a fine. So generally no one is littering anywhere. Therefore, visitors to Japan must pay attention, do not litter anywhere.


To solve the problem of littering, let us have a clean street. In fact, having a good trash can is enough. Compared to plastic containers, metal galvanized waste containers are more environmentally friendly and durable. Therefore, if we use a four wheeled galvanized bin made of galvanized waste containers, our earth homes will become cleaner and more beautiful.

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