What is the meaning of garbage classification?

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What is the meaning of garbage classification?

Garbage classification is a reform of the traditional way of garbage collection and disposal, and is a scientific management method for the effective disposal of garbage. With the increasing garbage production and deteriorating environmental conditions, waste disposal is managed to minimize waste disposal, which enables the utilization of waste resources and improves the quality of the living environment. The following mainly introduces the meaning of garbage classification.

Garbage classification

Reduce garbage

Garbage is actually a resource, and it is garbage when it is misplaced. Waste paper, waste plastics, scrap metal, waste glass, and old clothes can be recycled and processed into corresponding raw materials; leftovers, melon peels can be turned into organic fertilizer after processing, thus producing green vegetables and food; Household appliances and mobile phones can dismantle and extract precious raw materials such as rare metals; old furniture can be repaired and re-sold and resold in the second-hand market; even decoration garbage can be a valuable material for reclamation;Through the classification of garbage, the recyclable garbage is distributed to relevant enterprises and units for treatment, which will effectively reduce the amount of real garbage.

Garbage classification

Save resources

With the development of the economy, the resources available for development such as forests, oil, and minerals are declining every year.

If the used goods are finally permanently discarded, then for the continuous production, only more limited resources on the earth can be consumed. However, if the used goods are recycled and processed into raw materials, it can be recycled. This effectively reduces dependence on resources such as trees, oil, and minerals.

According to the research, 1 ton of waste plastic can be reclaimed 600 kg of diesel oil. 1,500 tons of waste paper can be recycled, which can avoid cutting down the trees used to produce 1200 tons of paper; one ton of cans can be melted to form a good ton of aluminum. There are about 3 million tons of scrap steel in China every year, and 6 million tons of waste paper is not used. If these resources can be reused, they will become huge social wealth.

Garbage classification

Avoid pollution

Garbage not only affects the image of the city, but some garbage is also toxic and harmful. For example, plastic will cause soil compaction. Burning plastic will produce high carcinogen dioxin; cadmium, lead and mercury in batteries are all toxic metals; cosmetics, paint, Improper handling of fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps, mercury thermometers, expired drugs, etc. are environmental killers, which seriously endanger people's health. Through the garbage sorting, put into a special garbage can, these substances can be concentrated to professional institutions for harmless treatment, and some toxic and harmful garbage can be turned into waste after being treated.

Garbage classification

Garbage classification creates a garbage-free society. This is a society in which resources are recycled. We can start from the small things around us. We use various garbage bins to classify garbage and promote garbage classification knowledge. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

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