What is the Medical Trash Cans?

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What is the Medical Trash Cans?

Medical trash cans refers to the waste container which is uses in medical, prevention, health care and other relative acitvities, and to full the wastes they produced that have direct or indirect infectivity, toxicity, and other hazards. Medical waste is divided into five categories and listed in the National Hazardous Waste List.


Classification of Medical Trash Cans


Medical waste refers to the wastes that have directly or indirectly infected, toxic and other hazards. Which is prodeces from medical, preventive, health care and other relative activities, specifically including infectious, pathological, injurious, medicinal, and chemical wastes. These wastes contain a large number of bacterial viruses, and they have certain characteristics of space pollution, acute viral infection and latent infection. If you do not strengthen management, discard it at anywhere, let it mix into domestic garbages and scatter into people's living environment, it will pollute the atmosphere, water, land, animals and plants, causing serious disease transmission. Which will also eriously endanger people's physical and mental health. Today, with the awareness of environmental protection get improved, protecting the environment is the responsibility and obligation of each of our citizens. So in order to deal with the medical wastes more convinently, we should know the classification of the medical wastes.

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1. Infectious waste refers to the medical waste carrying pathogenic microorganisms that will cause the spread of infectious diseases, including items contaminated by patients' blood, body fluids, excreta-contaminated items, garbage generated by infectious diseases, and so on.


2. Pathological waste refers to human waste and medical test animal carcasses which is produced during the diagnosis and treatment process, including discarded human tissue generated during surgery, human tissue after pathological sectioning, pathological wax, and so on.


3.  Injurious waste refers to discarded medical sharps that can stab or cut the human body, including medical needles, scalpels, scalpels, glass tubes.


4. Drug-related waste refers to expired, eliminated, deteriorated or contaminated waste drugs, including discarded general drugs, discarded cytotoxic drugs and genotoxic drugs.

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5. Chemical waste refers to waste chemicals that are toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive, such as discarded chemical reagents, chemical disinfectants, mercury sphygmomanometers, mercury thermometers, and so on. The general chemical reagents discarded in the laboratory and discarded disinfectants are discharged into the sewer. Classification and sub-bag collection, special person recycling treatment. The disposal methods is let the high-risk wastes such as culture media, specimens and strains which can be incinerated by incineration, and should be subjected to high-pressure steam sterilization or chemical disinfection. Then collected and treated them according to infectious wastes. Domestic garbages (except for discarded by infected patients) can be disposed of as ordinary household waste.




1. When medical waste leaks, spills, and scatters occur in the collection of trans-shipment medical waste, the transport personnel immediately report to the hospital emergency rescue team and contact the city emergency response center if necessary, occur to obtain their support. The infection management department will arrive at the scene in time.

2. Determine the type, quantity, time of the lose medical wastes. Ensure the event lose amount and effect range.


3. When dealing with areas contaminated by medical waste, we should minimize the impact on patients, medical staffs, other personnels and the environment.


4. The transporters should quickly collects the medical wastes, clean and disinfect the leaked, spilled, and scattered medical waste. For liquid spillage, it is absorbed by an adsorbent such as wood chips. The contaminated areas and articles should be treated in a harmless manner. Besides, if necessary, the contaminated areas should be blocked to prevent the expansion of pollution.


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