What Kind of Trash Cans Should the School Choose?

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What Kind of Trash Cans Should the School Choose?

School is the place which was lived by children for the longest time expect the house. So there are many garbages should be collected. Therefore, what kind of the trash cans should the school choose?


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School Garbages are Mainly Domestic Garbages


As we all known that the school is a public place, but it is different from the general public places. In general public places, most of the garbages contained in the trash can are the beverage bottle and some solid items such as papers, which are relatively easy to sort and recycle. The trash cans in these general public places cannot be used in schools because the garbages in the school mainly are the domestic garbages, especially in the residential schools. In addition to bottles, paper, and clothes, there are also a variety of kitchen garbages left by students. The garbages which are discarded in the trash cans are easy to corrode the trash cans and produce odor.


Thickened Trash Can at the Bottom

Schools have a variety of garbages, so it is necessary to purchase classification trash cans. As long as the classification is careful, the students will seriously throw the lost garbages into the corresponding classification. This can not only facilitate the the cleaners to clean the trash cans, but also effectively protect the environment. Secondly, when the school chooses the trash cans, it should pay attention to the thickening of the bottom, because the thickened trash can at the bottom can effectively prevent decay.


Trash Can Should Be Suitable for Students

When selecting the style of the trash cans, the first aspect must estimate whether the height of the trash cans port is suitable for students. The height of the trash cans used in middle school normally are about 75cm. And the 60cm trash cans are used in the primary school. If the trash cans port is too low, it will affect the capacity of the garbages. And if the trash cans port is too high, students can not touch the port and throw the garbages into the trash cans, which will affect the garbages collection.


The Safety of the Trash Cans

Students are more active and their self-protection skills are not good enough. Therefore, the style of the trash cans should be selected to have some smooth surface and the arc near the nozzle. In this way, students are prevented from accidentally hitting the corners and being injured when throwing garbages.


outdoor trash cans

The Service Life of the Trash Cans

The wooden trash can have a high price but a short service life. So it will be better to choose the stainless steel trash cans. Although its cost is higher than other trash cans, but it can be used in a long time. Besides, it is beautiful enough to decorate the school.


Above all, the trash cans in the school should be considered about its size, material and shape. What’s more, we should choose the trash cans based on the students convenience and safety. The suitable trash bins can let our school become more beautiful and health.

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