What Is the Galvanized Garbage Container with Wheels

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With the government’s public promotion, there are much more garbage container on the street. Which makes our cities more beautiful and clean. But in summer, you will find fumes which come from the trash and recycling bin. Because in summer, the temperature increase, and bacterium is very like this weather. So that they exercises fastly caused the fumes.


So we can see it is important to clean the outdoor trash cans frequently. But the traditional garbage container is too heavy and large to remove. So, we creat the galvanized garbage container with wheels.

the galvanized garbage container with wheels.


Galvanized garbage container is one of the sanitation trash can, bringing cleanliness, sanitation and environmental protection to our cities. It is good at our health. Besides, it often is put in various public places.

At this time, many sanitation workers in domestic cities are still using traditional dual compartment trash can and receiving vehicles. Due to their selection and production methods, the color fading, weak acid and alkali resistance will  reduce their service life. Besides, the sealing is not good, and may causes the secondary pollution. Also, it is inconvenient for our life.

In this situation, we should clean it frequently to avoid the fumes. What’s more, this series of products combines the modern design style of Europe and the United States, which is more suitable to the needs of modern city appearance construction. In addition to changing the shortage of traditional products, it is more practical and decorative. And the impact resistance is enhanced.

Otherwise, galvanized garbage container’s movable, pedal-type flip function avoids the direct contact between the hand and the container contaminant. It can realize the direct connection with the compressed garbage truck. The garbage is convenient to be placed, the sealing is good. When I is move it , it becomes light. So that the cleaning is becoming easily, and the secondary pollution is reduced. Above all, it meets the requirements of contemporary environmental protection.

 the galvanized garbage container with wheels.



1.    Galvanized garbage container is movable, which adopts the latest injection molding technology. It also has the special structural design with many colors. The non-deformable, non-toxic and odorless are its biggest features, meets environmental protection requirements.

2.    The barrel is resistant to heat, anti-freezing, anti-corrosive chemicals and UV-resistant in an outdoor environment.

3.    The mobile wheel is fixed by patent technology and will not be stolen.

4.    Closed structure, avoiding waste. No stench, preventing insects, animals and other parasites, ensuring public health and safety and the environment.

5.    Have different size and color can be chosen. Which can reduce the cost of transport and let the classifing garbages be easier than before.

6.    It can be used in conjunction with the trash can mechanized lifting and dumping device configured by the garbage removal vehicle to realize mechanized dumping.

7.    If it is used in the normal situation, its use life will be around 5-8 years.


Above all, the galvanized garbage container with wheel plays an important role in keeping our city clean and beautiful. And it also can reduce the cost of delivering to cleaning the commercial trash cans. Which is also very conenient.


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