What Is The Street Litter Garbage Bin?

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What Is The Street Litter Garbage Bin?

Now many cities need to classify the garbages. It is a great change compared to the traditional ways of dealing with the trash. A scientific management way of dealing with trash can achieve the resouce recycling. And a good trash bin seems more important than before. Because if you put the trash in it for a long time, it will appear a lot of pathogenic bacterias and smelt very stinky, which will influence the street’s appearance.




The street litter garbage bin is a product used in many industries, such as cleaning and sanitation, bringing cleanliness, sanitation and environmental protection to cities, community health, and various public places.

At this time, many sanitation workers in domestic cities are still using traditional trash cans and receiving vehicles. Due to their selection and production methods, the color fading, weak acid and alkali resistance will  reduce their service life. Besides, the sealing is not good, and may causes the secondary pollution. Also, it is inconvenient for our life. In this situation, make the urban environment more beautiful and eliminate visual pollution, we find the new types of street litter garbage bin.

This series of products combines the modern design style of Europe and the United States, which is more in line with the needs of modern city appearance construction. In addition to changing the shortage of traditional products, it is more practical and decorative. And the impact resistance is enhanced.

In addition, the movable, pedal-type flip function avoids the direct contact between the hand and the container contaminant. It can realize the direct connection with the compressed garbage truck. The garbage is convenient to be placed, the sealing is good, the movement is light, the cleaning is becoming easily, and the secondary pollution is reduced. Above all, it meets the requirements of contemporary environmental protection.

 street trash bin



1.    The street litter garbage bin made by iron or plastic with acid, alkali and corrosion resistance.

2.    Tough and durable, which can reduce the impact of various external impacts on it.

3.    The bottom of the barrel is specially strengthened, which is not easy to collapse, deform and wear. Besides, it prolongs the service life of the product.

4.    The lid is tightly closed to prevent odor emission, rain intrusion, and mosquito breeding.

5.    Can be nested on each other for convenient transportation, saving storage space and cost.

6.    The inner and outer surfaces of the barrel are clean and easy to empty and clean.

7.    The design is combined the ergonomics which let it becomer light and easier to delivery.

8.    It is colorful to use in different situations.

street trash bin


It can be divided into iron sanitation trash cans, plastic sanitation trash cans. But the iron trash cans are rarely used, most of the community uses is the plastic trash cans.


Above all, the street litter garbage bin plays an important role in keeping our city clean and beautiful. And it also let us easy to classify the different trash into the different color of cans.

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