Three Elements to Be Considered for Outdoor Trash Cans

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With the improvement of people's living standards, the awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. Since outdoor trash cans are mainly used in outdoor public places such as streets, parks, schools, and residential areas. They often suferring the bad climatic conditions such as extreme heat and cold, so people have a high resquestion to the quality of outdoor trash cans.


Three Elements of How to Choose


1.    The ruggedness of the garbage can with wheels barrel: Because the trash cans are used in outdoors, as a public facility, they are also always placed on the road and in the communities. So it is easy to be damaged. There even have some boring persons who will use their feet to kick the large garbage bins. So the barrel should be strengthen seems very important. The robustness of the barrel directly depends on what the material is used. The steel plate is best to choose the high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets, which can improve the black stainless steel trash can’ hardness and elongation, let them better than those used hot-rolled sheets. The thickness of the steel sheet is also should be considered, the best thickness is within 1 mm or more.

outdoor trash cans

2.    The anti-theft performance of the trash can. Of course, the trash cans used at outdoors is easy to be stolen. So the anti-theft performance become one of the considerations. For the barrel with recycled material, the bottom of the barrel must have a mounting hole. The expansion screw also can be used to fix the barrel on the concrete floor to improve the anti-theft effect. For the material, we also can choose the glass steel trash cans, which can reduce the purchase budget and avoid outdoor theft.


3.  Anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion performance of the trash can barrel. This is the most important part to be considered. After all, the trash cans should be use at outdoor, they always sufer the wind, rain and sun, which give the great damages to the barrel of the outdoor trash cans. At this time, the anti-shoulder resistance of the product plays a particularly important role.


In the process of manufacturing the embryo body, first the steel plate should be subjected to make the rust removal treatment. Then the phosphating process is carried out to form a phosphating layer on the surface. Finally the rust and corrosion resistance will be greatly improved.


The surface of the barrel should be electrostatically sprayed, using high-end plastic powder that has passed the national quality inspection. It can not only enhance the appearance of the color of the barrel, but also protect the inner layer of the barrel. It can be used outdoors for a long time without being afraid of fading and cracking.


outdoor trash cans

The quality of outdoor trash cans is the duration and responsibility of the service. Generally, the outdoor trash bins can be used for 3 to 5 years. If the quality of the trash can is better, it can extend the service life and save more public resources. Therefore, we should choose a higher quality trash can and take care of protecting them.

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