The Taboos of Setting Up Office Trash Cans —— According to Chinese Fengshui Knowledge

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The Taboos of Setting Up Office Trash Cans —— According to Chinese Fengshui Knowledge

Trash cans are indispensable in our lives, and many trash cans are placed in our office. However, the ways to set up trash cans in the office have many points need to notice according to the Chinese Fengshui knowledge. And if the places where the trash cans set up is wrong, there are likely to be many problems. So, what should be mentioned when we set up the galvanized trash can in the office?


The Amount of the Trash Bins in the Office


We should set up less trash bins in the office. For the first, if we put too many trash bins in the office, people will produce more garbages than they normally produce. What's more, if the garbages at a large amount, it will easily have bad smell emanated from trash bins. And if there are customers visiting our company, they will feel bad which may influence the cooperation between us. Then it will even influence the total assets. According to the Chinese Fengshui knowledge, the garbages in the office trash bins will bring a bad break tough break easily. Which will also influence the staff members’health.


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The Size of the Office Trash Cans


The trash can is placed in the office not only should consider in combination with the office decoration style, but also the office size. It is not appropriate to place the outside trash cans in the office with too large or too small sizes. It is best to consider the size of the office and choose the appropriate size of the office trash bins for placement. If you place a large trash can in the office, it means that the company's employees put fine timber to petty use. Besides, if the trash cans are too small to be used, it will affect the ability of staff members.


The Places Where Trash Bins Are Setted Up

1.    The outdoor garbage cans with locking lids and wheels in the boss' s office should not be placed in the northwest.

In the words of the ancients, the northwest is a dry position. For example, in the family, it means the husband. In the northwest of the company, it is often represented to bosses or corporate legal persons. If these type of persons have trash cans in their office, and put the trash can with lid in the northwest, it will often cause a lot of fortunes problems, especially if the economic foundation will be shaken and erratic, so you need to notice that you can not put the trash can in the northwest.

2.    The trash can in the staffs' office should not be placed in the east.

The east represents an angry side, so in the company it often indicates the change and the rebellion. Which is just like the conflict between many employees, especially the old staffs who are not motivated by the status quo or can not get promoted. So in order to avoid falling into unwarranted disputes or having busy schedules, it should be mentioned don' t place the trash can in the east of the employees' office, especially the old employees.

garbage bin

Above all, the theories of setting up the trash bins in the office are just according to the Chinese Fengshui knowledge. Whether you believe it or not, put less trash bins in the office can give us a good environment is a truth. So remember put the trash bins in your office with a reasonable quantity.

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