The Problems with Campus Garbage Recycling

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The Problems with Campus Garbage Recycling

Nowaday, world is becoming warmmer compaired with before. And the urban environment is surrounded by garbages. Therefore, many countries has implemented classification of garbages. The garbage collection and integrated management model has become the main waste disposal method in developed countries. Garbage collection management is an important way to develop a circular economy. Which also can promote energy conservation and emission reduction, realize waste reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness. Besides, it meets the requirements of sustainable development. It is a kind of waste management method that is worthy of long-term implementation. What’s more, it is a systematic project which is worthy of attention.


The participation of colleges in waste sorting and recycling not only responds to the exhortation of the state, but also has the extremely important significance for the implementation of waste sorting on university campuses. At first, it can reduce the pollution and improve the quality of environment life for college students. Second, it will save resources and achieve the resource recycling sustainable development. Third, it also can reduce costs, create economic value, combine the university and social economic benefits.


Although each college is more focused on campus environment, there also have many trash cans on campus, and students strengthen their environmental awareness. However, there are still some problems in garbage collection and utilization. These problems are summarized as follows:


school trash can

Student Garbage Classification Awareness is Still Not Strong Enough


According to the garbage classification research of the college students, 95% of them will throw garbages into the trash bins. But only 44% of them will classify garbages before throwing. Which means that although many college students have a high attention of protecting the environment, there still have a large amount of them don’t think about the garbage collection problems when they throw garbages.


The Classification Design on the Trash Bin is not Reasonable

At present, the campus waste mostly adopts “source rough classification”, which means that put the recycling and non-recycling garbages as two big classification types. This way’s advantage is easy to understand and implement. But its disadvantages are also very obviously.


First, the classification becomes the decoration on the trash bins. Although most campus put the trash bins at a obvious place, and there are “recycling” and “non-recycling” marks on them, it still can not solve the problems about garbages sorting and recycling. Because many students don't have enough knowledge about the recyclability of various types of garbages, and the trash bins do not specifically identify the classified attributes of the garbages, which causes the classified trash can has become a kind of decoration in some aspects. Besides, it greatly increases the manpower and financial resources spent in the later period.

school trash can


Second, the design of the trash can is unreasonable. In addition, some trash cans are not provided with a trash can lid for convenience. At this time, if the staff does not collect the garbages in time, the trash cans surrounding environment will be polluted with the time goes by and the temperature changes. Over time, the trash can will become a dumping point.


Above all, school should strengthen students' awareness of garbage classification. Only in this way, the classified trash can will play a role in sorting and classifying garbages.

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