Shall We Put the Street Trash Cans as Many as Possible

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Shall We Put the Street Trash Cans as Many as Possible

The trash can is placed in order to make the city's environment become cleaner. It also will provide more convenience to the passers-by. Some people are very curious about the price of street trash can. Actually, its price depends on the size of the trash can. Even somebody think that street trash cans should be put on the street as many as possible. Shall we put the street trash cans as many as possible?


outdoor trash cans

The Price of Street Trash Bins


Street trash cans always are sold around 100 to 200 yuan. It will be better to choose the induction trash cans as the street trash cans, which are controlled by circuit chips. Besides, it is consist of infrared detection devices and mechatronic drive systems. As long as an object is within the range of the sensing area, the lid will automatically open. After the objects or hands leaving the sensing area for a few seconds, the lid will automatically close without external power supply that is required. It only need the battery power, use a low power consumption. Combined with infrared sensing and micro-computer, the beautiful streamlined appearance inductive clamshell design is flexible and convenient. It can easily throw garbage without manual or foot. In addition, it is convenient and hygienic, and it has reliable performance, thus can effectively prevent contact infection.


Discuss Points

1. Our country has a large population, so we have a large amount of domestic garbages and industrial wastes. Besides, the number of garbage cans is also increasing. So how many should the trash cans on the street be set up? The service radius of the trash can is based on the relevant provisions of China's "Urban Environmental Sanitation Facilities Planning Regulations": the distance between the set points of collecting household garbages should not be too far, and it should be fixed for centralized collection and classification. In other words, the garbage bins that collect household garbages should not be too far away from the residential site.

2. Generally, the set points of the trash cans should not exceed 100 meters from the residential site, 50-70 meters may be the most suitable distance. If the street pedestrians are dense, the distance between street trash cans should be about 30 meters. If there are fewer pedestrians but many cars on the road, the trash cans should be set up 80-100 meters apart. From the current situation, the trash can should large enough to match collecting a huge amount of garbages.

3. However, in the long run, the amount of trash cansshould not be too many. If the number of trash cans is kept at a level that can carry the amount of garbages or slowly reduced, then in the subconscious of people, it will subtly accept less trash cans and reduce the generation of domestic garbages. Of course, this requires a relatively long cycle. And we can’t reduce too many trash cans, it can only be appropriately reduced.

outdoor trash cans

The trash can on the street is placed according to the demand. It isn’t means that we should set up more trash cans on the street. The trash cans should be placed according to the placement distance between each trash can and connect with the surrounding population.

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