How to choose a sanitation trash can

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How to choose a sanitation trash can

The sanitation trash can is essential in our life. Garbage containers manufacturers make our lives healthier and more environmentally friendly. And it is able to make garbage recycling easier, so that the environmental pollution has been improved, the environmental pressure of waste is reduced.

The sanitation trash can are mostly green which makes the urban environment look more harmonious. In different occasions to choose the right garbage bin can help reduce odor and lower the difficulty of garbage classification.

How to choose a correct garbage bin?

●First, we should choose the material itself is pollution-free recyclable trash can.

We use the trash can to reduce garbage pollution to protect the environment, only a pollution-free trash bin to meet our requirements. The definition of environmentally sound is easy to recycle and degrade.

The dustbin should also be acid-proof, alkali-proof, corrosion-proof, light, strong, well sealed, not afraid of the rain, not afraid of the sun, and easy to move.

●Second, we should choose the trash can that is light, large in capacity and relatively sturdy. 

In most instances, sanitation trash cans need to hold a lot of rubbish, and there are some sharp objects among them. And in the process of transferring the garbage from the garbage can to the garbage disposal station, the lighter the trash can, the less energy the sanitation worker will expend and the more efficient the waste disposal will be.

Third, in different occasions, the trash can used to put different garbage is also different. 

In the airport, we recommend the use of galvanized waste bin. It can maintain the high style of the airport, at the same time, corrosion resistant materials also make its service life higher.

On the street, we recommend plastic trash bins. It is an effective way to avoid being taken for a ride, and its low price allows the government to replace it regularly.

●Also, In the face of different materials of waste, we also need to use different trash cans. 

As we all know, garbage is classified into recyclable, non-recyclable, battery recyclable and smoke recyclable. If these functions are planned in the trash bin, they can greatly reduce the complexity of garbage classification operation. At the same time, it can also enhance the public's understanding of waste classification. According to the unified national standard, household waste is reclassified into four categories, namely recyclable waste, non-recyclable waste, hazardous waste and other garbage. (1)Recyclables represent garbage suitable for recycling and resource utilization, including paper, plastic, glass, fabric and bottles and cans, which are collected in blue garbage containers.(2)Hazardous waste refers to waste containing hazardous substances and requiring special and safe disposal, including batteries, lamps and daily chemicals, etc., which shall be collected in red garbage containers; (3)Other garbage represents garbage that is not classified and is collected in gray garbage containers. A little more subtle, for example, we can pour liquid waste into specialized waste cans.

PG&GP offers an environmentally friendly, curbside cleaning service for residential trash cans and recycling bins. Municipal use covers park, airport, gym, etc. PG&GP serves as the one-stop solutions for clients who are preparing bid.

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