How to Set Up Trash Bins in Rsidential Areas

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How to Set Up Trash Bins in Rsidential Areas

With the development of the society, people’s living life get improved and the social civilization also get completed. People's concept of environmental protection is also constantly increasing. The understanding of design has changed a lot in both theory and practice. The trash can is an important carrier for garbages collection and treatment in daily life. It is spread all over the place where people produce and live. Waste disposal must be taken seriously. Therefore, as a good citizen, it is our responsibility and obligation to protect the ecological environment. It also refers to an important measure for social development. Nowadays, the location of the trash cans in residential quarters has attracted widespread public attention. But in many places, the shape, structure and layout of the trash bins are not meet hommization standard. So this paper will analyze the hommization factors that should be paid attention to in product innovation by studying the layout design of the garbage cans in residential quarters. Fully integrate humanized design into product innovation.





As the number of aging population increases, more and more people are retiring, and citizens will spend more and more time in residential areas. Ordinary residential quarters are no longer just the places where people live for life. They are also the places for people to swim, relax, exercise, carry out civilized activities, and even do a job. The accelerating process of urbanization in China combined with the continuous improvement of people's living standards have made people living with a high quality life. Besides, it improve the consumption. The turnover of goods has become faster and the output of garbages has become larger.


The function and location of the trash bins in the residential community are related to the healthy living of the residents and the development of the city. Nowadays, China has adopted the comprehensive management of classified and recycled garbages as one of the main contents of urban environmental governance. Which has received extensive attention from the society.


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Mentality on the Setting of Trash Bins in Ordinary Residential Quarters

1.    Forward-looking

At present, most residential communities have problems. The inefficient classification of garbages not only increase the cost of garbage disposal but also affect the recycling of useful resources. Therefore, in the future stage of garbage collection, the residential community must take into account the problem of recycling wastes. At the same time, the management of the residential community can also encourage the owners to classify the domestic garbages.

2.    Scientific

According to the questionnaire survey, the owners of most residential communities think it will be best that to set up the trash bins at the front of the unit door. Because it is the most convenient placce to throw the domestic garbages by residents.

3.    Safety

There are a small number of residential quarters set up the trash bins at the corners of the forks. Which occupy the road space to a certain extent and hinder the passage of pedestrians. Therefore, in the design of the garbage can with wheels in residential quarters, the traffic conditions of the residents should be considered in all aspects and the safety of the residents should have guaranteed.

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The rubbermaid brute trash can in the residential quarters is placed according to hommization standard. It isn’t means that we should set up more trash cans in the residential quarters. The trash cans should be placed according to the placement distance between each trash can and our departments.

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