How to Clean the Outdoor Trash Bins

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How to Clean the Outdoor Trash Bins

Trash cans are very common in our daily lifes and bring a lot of convenience to our lives. Especially the outdoor trash cans make our environment better and let our garbages be collected. To let the environment keep cleaning, we should wash the outdoor trash cans everyday to avoid mildwed. Besides, if we don't maintain the outdoor trash cans improperly, their service life will be significantly shortened. So how do we clean the outdoor trash cans?


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Outdoor Stainless Steel Trash Can Cleaning Method


1. Open the lids of the trash cans and take out the garbage plastic bags on the buckets together with the garbages. If the garbages are too full to be taken out, remember to seal up the top of the garbage bag to avoid the garbages fall down on the ground.

2. Clean up the remaining garbages in the buckets.

3. Clean the bucket. After drying, put the garbage bags into the trash cans and put the trash cans back to the original places.

4. Close the lids of the classified stainless steel trash cans.


Regarding the maintenance knowledge of stainless steel trash cans, stainless steel trash cans should not be put on the street. Because this will cause man-made damages or be stolen. The scope of application places range is school, hospital, indoor, and unit. The stainless steel trash should be wiped once in three days to avoid that if some kitchen garbages are put into the trash cans, there is easily corroded. Stainless steel trash can is thinner than the general galvanized trash can, so try to avoid collision. If the trash can get damaged by collision, it will be hard to repair. The outdoor trash can is commonly used in our daily life. Besides, it plays a very important role in collection of the garbages. We can always find the stainless steel trash cans in the mall or at the bank door. They are seemed beautiful, durable, and not easy to rust. Although the stainless steel trash cans' price is slightly higher, it is easier to clean. But we still should pay attention to in its cleaning and maintenance. So that it can extend its service life.



Outdoor Trash Cans Cleaning and Maintenance Plan


1. The logistics department which has responsible for cleaning the outdoor trash cans should clean the trash cans in time.

2. The garbages in the outdoor trash cans should be cleaned up every day, and the garbages can stay in the trash cans overnight.

3. The garbages in the outdoor trash cans should not exceeded the maximum capacity of the trash cans. What's more, be sure that there is no spillage, otherwise it should be cleaned up in time.

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4. The outdoor trashs should have no flies, no flaws, clean inside and outside, washing in time. Remember they should be washed once a day in the summer, rinse once every other day in winter.

5. Clean the inside and outside of the outdoor trash cans with detergent every week.

6. The garbages are collected from the outdoor trash cans should be sent to the garbage pool for storage.


In order to strengthen the hygiene management of the company's factory and office environment, we must ensure that the garbages in the trash cans be cleaned up in time. So that we can create a civilized, clean and beautiful working & living environment.

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