Garbages Which are Produced in the Concert

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Garbages Which are Produced in the Concert

According to the news, we can know that Taylor Swift will come to China to have a concert in Guang Dong province at Nov. 11. Which is the most excellent thing for her fans. However, according to experience of the concert which is hold before, there may many garbages will be left after the concert finished.


However, the Lu Han concert which was hold in Bei Jing, was not have garbages after the concert finished. Because he appeals his fans to clean the activity ground and he did the example for his fans to pick up the garbages.


In fact, it is very common for the " concert litter". When interrogating the individual's environmental awareness, should the organizer reflect on whether the organizer should consider how to quickly deal with the garbage on site?


outdoor trash cans

Where are These Garbages Come From


1. People walked into the sports center on foot to throw away rubbish. The concert cleaners introduced that because there are a lot of people going to the concert, the relevant departments will conduct traffic control on the vehicles. Many people will park the cars far away after the regulations, so they should walk to the venue. Which caused the garbages after they used. Besides, the used garbages included the cigarette butts, food packaging bags, and mineral water bottles, and they were thrown along the way.

2. The food stores in front of the sports center. Many audience that did not eat will solve the dining problem here, which will produce the disposable chopsticks, spoons, lunch boxes, signatures and plastic bags.


3. A mineral water bottle outside the security gate. According to the manager of the concert, because the mineral water and other drinks could not pass the security check, many citizens simply dumped the water bottles that they had brought.


4. The meal boxes of the staffs. The manager said that every concert will use a large number of staffs such as security, the equipments need install and maintain. Besides after dinner, the lunch box will be piled up at everywhere.


5. After the audience carnival, the infield and the stands were a mess. The manager said that the padded seat paper, the rest of the paper cup, and the debris thrown by the passionate place and so on. After the passion, the infield and the stands were all over the place.


outdoor trash cans


Civilization Awareness and Management Standards are Both Important


For the management of the concert, managers should add enough outdoor trash bins to let people have place to throw their garbages rather than on the ground. Besides, the trash bins should large enough. It not only can increase the space to full more garbages and is easy for people to throw garbages, but also can reduce the concert cost.


For the celebrities, they should be the example for fans to protect the environment. So they can do some action such as picking up the garbages in the concert to attract their fans to do the same with them. What’s more, it can not let the celebrities get more fans, but also can let the protection behavior become a feshion behavior to appeal more people join in it.


For the personals, it is better to bring a trash bag with youself to the concert. So that we can put the domestic garbages into the trash bag and bring it back home. Which will not have garbages in your seat after concert finished.


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