Design Principles and Advantages of New Type Garbage Recycling Cans

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Design Principles and Advantages of New Type Garbage Recycling Cans

College garbages are mainly kitchen waste and daily garbages. Generally speaking, it is difficult to improve people's classification awareness by setting only recyclable and non-recyclable labels on the trash bins. Therefore, the trash bins should adopt “source classification” to set up separate garbage bins with a detail classificarion such as kitchen waste, plastic, waste paper, metal, rubber, glass and battery labels. Compared with the previous trash can, it has the following characteristics:


outdoor trash can

The Design is More Scientific

Classify the different items of the trash bins together, and add the lid on the top of each trash cans to prevent the garbages from being exposed on the trash cans surface. Therefore, it can play a role in purifying the campus.


More Convenient to Throw Garbages

The trash can is set to a pedal-style open mode. Through observation, we believe that the pedal-based approach can facilitate people to throw garbages. Besides, it can reduce everyone's psychological pressure.


The Labels are More Eye-Catching

Set up a publicity slogan above the trash can and attach pictures of various representative garbages on the lids. From the psychological perspective, this approach is more likely to attract people's attention. Easy-understand slogans and pictures can help understand students the garbage properties more clearly, thus improving their garbages classification awareness.


The Classification is More Distinct

The non-recyclable garbages (such as kitchen wastes) is designed in yellow, which is consistent with the daily classification color and can be extended into the people classification consciousness.


outdoor trash can

Easy to Clean

Each bucket in the trash can has its own inner core, and after the phase cover is opened, the classification garbages should be taken out from each bucket.


The garbage sorting and recycling bins we designed can further classify and manage the wastes, so that the waste sorting efficiency will become better. Besides, the manpower input will reduce later, the recycling cost also will be low which can let us get the large economic benefits. Turning some garbages into the treasures, which will not only improve the recycling rate of the waste and save resources, but also facilitate the separate disposal of hazardous wastes. At the same time, by promoting the use of new classified trash cans, we can awaken people's environmental awareness and establish a good concept of waste separation and recycling.


In the environmental protection department, the classification and recycling of garbages go a step further of reducing the waste of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Which improves efficiency of the garbage classification, saves resources. Besides, it is more comprehensive in the treatment of toxic substances and reduces the pollution.


According to the survey, the garbage classification trash bins in colleges are not play the role in the classification and recycling of wastes. However,  each sub-barrel of the new classified trash can recovers the type of garbages that meets its requirements. If the relevant garbage collection and recycling activities are carried out regularly at the college, the effect will be further improved.

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